We stuffed up… so we fixed it

We stuffed up, so we fixed it. Blog post

Since launching BDC Partners, our goals have remained the same: being the leader in each of our services, continually improving our processes, using innovative tech and useful data, and just generally getting shit done for the retailers and franchisors we partner with.
Well, we have achieved these things – and we’re proud of it.

Just one issue remained…

After looking at our branding and tone of voice, with the help of Greg from Narrativity, it became clear that our communication was just not us.
We are not a multinational consulting firm or a group with MBAs. In fact, we hate the term consultant. So why market ourselves that way?

We are a tight-knit team, and between us, we have owned multiple franchises and businesses.
We have seen it all. The good and the bad. A real-life MBA.

Our new website tells you who we are quite abruptly:
We know your shit, because we know ours!

The BDC Partners Team

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