Retail Property Specialists.

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Our Retail Property Specialists Have Experienced It All

From the days of building and running our own retail chain businesses, our team of retail property specialists know the headaches well. Some of us have even been on the dark side, managing Australia’s biggest landlord leasing teams. Going through the successes and the screw-ups, you wise up. You learn to ask a lot of questions, create options, and start to see the issues before they become headaches.

Combining this experience with extensive data sources, and our innovative Hawkeye technology, we confidently grow and optimise your retail portfolio.

Hawkeye was developed in-house and is our unique, data-driven CRM platform. Find out how our retail property specialists turn your business plan into an exact science.

Your Retail Property Portfolio: A Data-Backed Strategy

If you’re looking to expand your store network, a data-backed strategy has to be a top priority. Through numerous datasets powered by GapMaps, we analyse your existing network, competitors, saturation levels, gaps in the market, demographic and psychographic customer insights, trade data, supply and demand factors, and cannibalisation of existing stores. This information forms the basis of your growth strategy going forward.

Retail Property Portfolio Review

Territory Mapping

Growth Strategy

Commercial Lease Negotiations Done Right

Now we’ve got the data and your growth strategy mapped out, our team of retail property specialists get to work, taking care of all the admin and commercial lease negotiations along the way. This process is assisted by our national database of landlords, shopping centres, leasing executives, and retail agents. With our Hawkeye platform, you will have a full view of all deals as they progress.

Site Selection

Commercial Lease Negotiations

Lease Renewals

Abatements & Surrenders


Lease Management

A selection of brands BDC Retail Property Specialists have helped grow:

Retail Property Specialists Team

Get to know us

Retail Property Specialist Vaughn McGuinness Managing Director/Founder BDC Property Partners
Vaughn McGuinness
Managing Director
Jon Sully CEO BDC Partners Retail Property Specialist
Jon Sully
Retail Property Specialist Keith Doyle CEO BDC Property Partners
Keith Doyle
Chief Executive Officer | Partner
Devrim Todd Managing Director Finance BDC Property Partners
Devrim Todd
Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Piggins-Regional Manager-QLD, VIC, NSW
Rebecca Piggins
State Manager – QLD
Jacqueline Mance-Senior Leasing Executive
Jacqui Mance
Senior Manager – VIC
Cameron Wallace
State Manager – VIC
Sam Lane, Leasing Executive-Property
Sam Lane
Leasing Executive
Angela-Woods, Project Manager, Marketing
Angela Woods
Project Manager, Marketing
Andrea-Delport-Senior Data Analyst
Andrea Delport
Senior Data Analyst
Nadine Coleman-Executive Assistant
Nadine Coleman
Executive Assistant
Cara Dennis-Executive Assistant
Cara Dennis
Executive Assistant
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