One Year of BDC Partners!

One Year of BDC Partners

Well, here we are… 12 months down the track from starting BDC Partners, and I have to say, back then our baby was ugly.

When we started, we got it wrong… trying to sound like a big firm, smart and polished. But as we found out, pretending to be something you’re not just doesn’t work.

We knew we were trying to build partnerships with retailers and franchisors, not just to give them the theory and textbook shit on how to create and build a successful enterprise, but to actually get into their business and help them do it.

Then COVID hit – and everything was changing, people were moving around the country and overseas for a better life, and to have more control over their destiny… and we realised now is a time of reality and not fiction.

So we took a step back and looked at who we are as people and realised we just needed to be ourselves. Don’t let anyone tell you differently: there is no such thing as B2C or B2B… It’s all P2P (People to People).

Our people, to be blunt, are the best of the best… we have built massive businesses, sold them for a fortune, we have also built shit businesses and lost a heap, we have run national leasing teams for landlords, developed hundreds of new franchise systems, run large and small retail operations, developed multiple brands, sold hundreds of businesses and leased thousands of shops…

We’re not teachers. We are doers.

12 months on, I can confidently say we have the best offer in the retail and franchising industries. We look forward to partnering with you to run and grow your business, remove your headaches, and do it all with none of the bullshit.

As for the next 12 months of BDC, bring it on!

–  Jon Sully, Director of BDC Partners

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