BDC GROWTH23-Melbourne – DAY2 Event

Building on the Basics to Accelerate Your Growth Strategy


21st June, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


BlueRock Rialto, L2 Podium East
525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


$145 AUD (+BF)

Arron March Accounting BlueRock

Aaron March

BlueRock Accounting | Director

Bruce McFarlan, CEO of BDC Partners-Principal of BDC Law

Bruce McFarlane

CEO of BDC Partners and Principal of BDC Law

Cameron Prosser General Manager BF Brokerage

Cameron Prosser

BF Brokers | Director

Rori-Kokken-CEO Franchise-Recruitment-and-Development.jpg

Rori Kokken

CEO BDC Franchise Recruitment

Steven Whiteside

BlueRock Director (Finance)

Retail Property Specialist Keith Doyle CEO BDC Property Partners

Keith Doyle

BDC Property Partners | Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Robertson

BDC Partners | CEO Franchise Development

Mark Gale General Manager at Associated Projects

Mark Gale

Associated Projects | General Manager

Ryan Kagan Digital Strategist BlueRock

Ryan Kagan

BlueRock Digital | Director

Tim Shaw CEO Asia / Middle East GapMaps team

Tim Shaw

GapMaps – Asia/Middle East | Director

John Cooksey-CEO of BDC Talent acquisition, employee performance and recruitment

John Cooksey

CEO BDC Talent

Image of Jane Save, Director The Save Group

Jane Save

Director of People & Culture

Richard Cholewick

Manager Partnerships
Benjamin & Benjamin

Melbourne Event Details – Day 2

The “Building on the Basics to Accelerate Your Growth Strategy” is for Franchisors who have begun their franchising journey and are now in their next growth phase – “How to grow your franchise system to 50+ units

Our objective is to arm you with the knowledge on how to optimise your franchise business for its next phase of growth.

“Building on the basics to accelerate your growth strategy” is an interactive, full-day session that brings industry experts and sponsors together to understand and workshop YOUR challenges and pain points, and provide you with insight and guidance on scaling your business.

You’ll walk away with a clear and actionable framework on how to build a robust growth strategy that considers:

  • Focus on Operations: Operations optimisation is the starting point for building a foundation for scalable growth.
  • Product and Service Development: Investing in quality products and services,  customer service and customer experience will help you build a strong customer base and increase customer loyalty.
  • Leverage Data and Analytics: how to use data and analytics to uncover insights into customer behaviour, trends, and make decisions based on evidence.
  • Invest in Technology: How the right technology can streamline processes, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.
  • Develop Partnerships: Understand how strategic partnerships with customers, suppliers, and other companies can increase your reach and expand your customer base.
  • Invest in Talent: Attract and retain the best talent to help you reach your growth objectives.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain insights into the latest strategies, trends, and best practices for business growth.
  • Learn from industry leaders and experts on how to develop and implement an effective growth strategy.
  • Develop an understanding of how to prioritise key elements of a strategic growth plan.
  • Understand what to measure to ensure you stay on the right track towards profitable growth.
  • Network with a variety of franchise professionals, and hear from industry experts.

Who should attend: Franchise Owners, Senior Executives and Operators, Investors

We're excited to announce the following agenda for this event:

Attendees Arrive
Welcome Roadmap of the BDC Collective and today’s presentations
Bruce McFarlane

1. Benchmarking – what drives your profit

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Aaron March – Spotlight Reporting

2. Discover How to Resolve Your Operations Pain Points

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Tanya Robertson – OpCentral

3. Uncovering the Details of Franchisee Recruitment and Exit Strategies: Assessing the Strength of Legal Compliance

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Rori Kokken/Cameron Prosser/Kristie Piniuta

4. Unlock the Power of CX: Discover the Best Tools to Engage Your Customers

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Ryan Kagan – Dokio

5. Franchise Finance and Funding Insurance – What you need to understand

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Steven Whiteside & Richard Cholewick

6. Discover the Do’s and Don’ts of best practice Territory Selection, Leasing and Construction Site Fit-out

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
Tim Shaw/Mark Gale/Keith Doyle

7. Partnering People for Performance

  • Activity
  • Key Learnings
  • Outcomes (group feedback)
John Cooksey & Jane Save
Jon Sully/Tanya Robertson/Rori Kokken/Aaron March
Drinks, Nibbles & Networking

Event Sponsors

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