BDC GROWTH23-Melbourne – DAY1 Event

Is Franchising the Right Growth Strategy?


7th June 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


BlueRock Rialto, L2 Podium East
525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


$145 AUD (+BF)

Arron March Accounting BlueRock

Aaron March

BlueRock Accounting | Director

Bruce McFarlan, CEO of BDC Partners-Principal of BDC Law

Bruce McFarlane

CEO of BDC Partners and Principal of BDC Law

Cameron Prosser General Manager BF Brokerage

Cameron Prosser

BF Brokers | Director

Rori-Kokken-CEO Franchise-Recruitment-and-Development.jpg

Rori Kokken

CEO BDC Franchise Recruitment

Steven Whiteside

BlueRock Director (Finance)

Retail Property Specialist Keith Doyle CEO BDC Property Partners

Keith Doyle

BDC Property Partners | Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Robertson

BDC Partners | CEO Franchise Development

Mark Gale General Manager at Associated Projects

Mark Gale

Associated Projects | General Manager

Ryan Kagan Digital Strategist BlueRock

Ryan Kagan

BlueRock Digital | Director

Tim Shaw CEO Asia / Middle East GapMaps team

Tim Shaw

GapMaps – Asia/Middle East | Director

John Cooksey-CEO of BDC Talent

John Cooksey

CEO BDC Talent

Image of Jane Save, Director The Save Group

Jane Save

Director of People & Culture

Richard Cholewick

Manager Partnerships
Benjamin & Benjamin

Melbourne Event Details – Day 1

Our “Is Franchising the Right Growth Strategy?” conference is designed to set out the benefits of franchising for growth as well as the pitfalls.

Our objective is to arm you with the knowledge you require to decide if Franchising is a good fit for YOUR business. We’ll make the case for and against Franchising as a growth strategy, outlining the benefits while ensuring you are aware of the potential risks and costs involved.

Franchising is a tried and tested route to growth, especially for businesses that want to grow quickly with limited resources. It can also be a beneficial strategy for businesses that are looking to expand into new markets or gain access to new customers. However, it’s critical that you understand the key factors you’ll need to consider to make the right decision for YOUR business.

After this one-day, interactive session, you’ll walk away with a clear and actionable framework on how to assess whether Franchising is the right growth strategy – for YOU.

Key Benefits:

  • Take the first step towards understanding the complexities of franchising.
  • Connect with experienced franchise professionals and gain new insights into the franchising model.
  • Learn more about the strategies for franchising success, legal and financial considerations, and marketing strategies for franchising.
  • Gain access to leading experts in the field and learn from their experience and knowledge.
  • Network with other professionals from a variety of industries and learn from their successes and challenges

Who should attend: Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Potential Franchisees

We're excited to announce the following agenda for this event:

Attendees Arrive

Roadmap of the BDC Collective and today’s presentations.
Best Practice Journey through setting up a franchise

Bruce McFarlane
Why Franchise?
Tanya Robertson
1. Develop the Financial Model
Aaron March
2. The Importance of Demography and Mapping for Business
Tim Shaw
3. Automations, Integrations and Workflows
Ryan Kagan
Sponsor: Dokio
Sponsor: Spotlight
4. Franchising Legal Documents and Compliance
Kristie Piniuta
5. Operations Manuals – Documenting Processes
Kate Hopley
6.  Partnering People for Performance
John Cooksey/Jane Save
7. Franchisee Recruitment – The New Way
Rori Kokken
Sponsor: Op Central
9. Franchisee Finance & Funding
Steven Whiteside
10. Selling a Franchise or Business
Cameron Prosser
10. Insuring your business –Myths v Facts
Richard Cholewick
11. Leasing – Everything You Should Know
Keith Doyle
12. Building and Site Fit Outs
Mark Gale
Jon Sully/David Lindsay/Rori Kokken/Tanya Robertson
Drinks, Nibbles & Networking

Event Sponsors

Logo for Spotlight Reporting
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