Profiling: How To Find Your Holy Grail Franchise Partners

Follow the data, stupid – How To Find Your Holy Grail Franchise Partners

Profiling: How To Find Your Holy Grail Franchise Partners

Franchise recruitment is a tough gig. Thankfully, it’s no longer about picking up the phone, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best… It’s about data.

Instead of wasting precious hours on unqualified leads, you can save time, money, and frustration with one amazing resource: profiling.

At BDC, we swear by this tech… because we know from experience that a holy grail franchise partner goes way beyond financial compatibility. To gain certainty about who will do well within a franchise system, we need to look at culture, values, work style, stage of growth, skillset, and performance.

But before all this, we need to make all of this analysis relevant with a benchmark of your top-performing franchise partners. Looking at your existing franchise partners, and of course you, the successful business owner, we build a detailed lookalike audience based on seven psychological tests.

Building out this algorithm, we can start targeting the right people with a proven marketing strategy to get their attention and begin an engagement process. At this point, CRM becomes another vital data resource: guiding the relationship, measuring engagement, and most importantly, separating the tire-kickers from the real deal.

The data provided by the profiling tool stays relevant throughout the recruitment process; when we start to vet prospects and review applications. Our tool provides a detailed report for applicants, with a breakdown of compatibility scores in each area by percentage, along with detailed explanations about what these scores mean for you and your business.

Once we are certain about a potential partner, we’ll handle it all: phone calls, checking references/finances/background, issuing documents, business and financial modelling, we even provide in-house finance options to get the ball rolling, or alternatively, we can customise based on your specific recruitment requirements.

Our favourite part? Watching how this data instils confidence in the prospects, who appreciate the level of diligence by the franchisor in ensuring that their culture and values align.

Ready to find your holy grail franchise partners and scale your business?

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