How a site audit can save your franchise

Site Audit Franchise with Associated Projects

A site audit is important for any business, but it is especially important for franchises. A franchise business relies on the success of all aspects of the site to succeed, and a poorly chosen site can doom the business from the start. By performing a professional site audit with an industry expert, you can be confident that you have chosen the right site for your franchise.

There are always those ‘extra’ ‘unbudgeted’ costs that arise when you are setting up a new franchise site….. or in fact any new site. The challenge is to ensure those unexpected costs are minor and don’t pose risk to your ROI or ability to fund the project.

Aside from a good business plan and a comprehensive budget, there is one thing you must do:

Get an industry expert to audit your proposed site…..before you sign your lease or purchase the site!!

Why an industry expert is important for your franchise site audit.

A professional audit company can save your franchise business from costly mistakes. 

When you’re looking for a new site for your business, it’s important to have a professional audit done first. This will help you avoid any hidden costs or potential problems associated with the site. 

An expert audit company will come equipped with experience and the right tools to help you make the best decision for your business. They will review the site in detail and make sure that it meets all of your requirements. 

In the end, you will walk away with a report that could save your business from costly mistakes. If you sign a lease on a site without an audit, you may be sitting on a ticking time bomb. 

Even the most experienced industry veterans can miss
important hidden factors if they don’t go through this process.

“So don’t take any chances”

Make sure you have a professional audit done before signing any leases. It could save your business!

Here is a just  small snapshot of some items that should be considered during the audit:

  1. What is the existing ‘use’ of the building and is a ‘change of use’ required/possible? (this can be a long exercise depending on the council and the time of year)
  2. Are the existing services fit for purpose IE mechanical, hydraulic, fire, electrical
  3. Who bears the responsibility and who controls the services IE lessor or lessee
  4. Is the site suitable in terms of shape/size to ensure ROI
  5. Are there physical attributes of the site that drive extra scope and cost for the lessee EG a large slab set-down, access issues, structural requirements for shopfronts, heritage issues
  6. What is the likely timing from signing of the lease to trade based on all works and approvals required
  7. What are the major risks to cost and timing


If you audit every site, you are seriously considering, there is no doubt you will walk away from sites that looked great pre-audit. You may even walk away from a few sites before you find the right one………but knowing when a site is right…or not right…..can save your franchise.

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