From Scratch to Success: Why Franchising Is Your Secret Ingredient!


Are you tired of sweating bullets, trying to create the perfect business plan from scratch or perhaps your a franchisor consistently being faced with “but I could create a business like this myself”? Well, put down that magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes hat because we’re about to uncover the delightful differences between buying a franchise and starting a business from ground zero. And yes, we’ll sprinkle some quirky humour along the way!

1. Proven Business Model: The Ultimate Recipe for Success

Imagine starting a business is like baking a cake, but you have no recipe. You’re throwing flour, eggs, and sugar into a bowl and hoping for the best. Now, picture a franchise as a cake mix – all the ingredients and instructions are right there on the box. You can follow the recipe to a T and end up with a delicious cake, or you can add your own creative flair. With a franchise, you’ve got a proven recipe for success, and there’s no need to worry about creating a cake disaster.

2. Brand Recognition: Fame and Fortune Await

Launching a business from scratch is like attempting to become famous on social media – you may succeed, but it’s a long shot. Customers already know and trust the brand when they buy a franchise. Similar to having a celebrity buddy introducing you to everyone at the party. People are more inclined to pick your franchise since they recognise the name, which eliminates the need for you to wear a sandwich board and yell about your business on street corners.

3. Training and Support: Your Business Sidekick

Picture yourself as the hero in a superhero movie, how do you plan on saving the day without a sidekick or a superpower. But with a franchise, you have a trusty sidekick – the franchisor. They provide training, ongoing support, and a hotline for all your business questions. It’s like having Alfred from Batman on speed dial, minus the butler attire.

4. Bulk Purchasing Power: Saving Money with Style

Think about shopping for groceries at midnight when everything’s overpriced. Franchises, on the other hand, have the bulk purchasing power of a coupon queen. They negotiate deals on supplies and inventory, helping you save money with style. So, while other business owners are paying top dollar, you’re waltzing through the supermarket aisles with a shopping cart full of bargains.

5. Marketing and Advertising: Let the Pros Handle It

When you start your own business from the beginning, you are the chief marketing officer, graphic designer, and copywriter all in one. That is a lot of hats to wear! Franchises, on the other hand, have a whole marketing team behind them.

6. Access to Financing: Skip the Treasure Hunt

Because they have established contacts with banks and lenders, some franchisors provide financing alternatives or can help franchisees in obtaining loans. Starting a business from the start will require you to navigate the difficult process of acquiring finance on your own.

7. Track Record of Success: The Proof Is in the Pudding

Franchises often come with a track record of success that you can reference when seeking investors or financing. Investors and lenders are typically more comfortable supporting a franchise with a proven history of profitability.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a smoother path to business success, franchising is your secret ingredient. It’s like having a well-tested recipe, instant recognition, and a support system that rivals superhero sidekicks. So, ditch the detective work of starting from scratch and dive into the flavourful world of franchising – where success is as sweet as a perfectly baked cake!

If you’re already a franchisor, perhaps use this method to better your franchise recruitment. Show your leads why they don’t want to own their own business, and why they should come onboard your business – thank us later!

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