Free Up The Funds You Have Tied Up In Security, Release Your Bank Guarantee


It’s hard enough for any business owner to manage their cashflow, even harder when you have a significant amount of cash tied up as security.

What is Tenancy Bond insurance?

Tenancy Bond insurance is a solution that offers benefits to both tenants and landlords. It replaces difficult to manage, inflexible hard copy bank guarantees with an insurance policy that provides all the security your landlord seeks, but at a fraction of the cost of keeping your cash tied up, allowing you to free up your cash that you normally can’t access.

This means that you can now free up tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, cash that can be invested back into your business.

Key points to be considered:

Tenancy Bond insurance offers great flexibility meaning that it can be established once for the duration of the lease, up to 8 years or even longer if required by negotiation. It is also flexible enough to allow for automatic annual increases in CPI or a fixed amount if required.

A Tenancy Bond can be established for either a single lease or it can be established as a facility that supports multiple leases that allows scope for growth.

A premium is paid annually like other insurance products and is calculated as a small % (< 5%) of the value of the overall Bond/Security required.

We work with your landlord, on your behalf, to educate them as to the value of the insurance product and give them the needed comfort to accept the Tenancy Bond in lieu of traditional bank guarantees. 

How can we help?

If you are running a business, have a minimum of $40,000 tied up in security and you wish to free up those funds, we can help release those funds to be used to help you grow your business.

Register Your Interest / Contact Us:

For more information, please visit and use the customer code BDC when registering your interest, or, speak to Richard Cholewick at Benjamin & Benjamin Insurance Group directly by calling 0499 038 566 or email [email protected] 

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