Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys .

Powerful Data-Driven Insights.

Going with your gut doesn’t cut it in today’s data-driven business environment. In order to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives, tapping into the valuable insights of your franchisees is essential for success. 

What is a Franchisee Satisfaction Survey?

Our franchisee satisfaction surveys measure satisfaction and engagement and provide you with detailed, objective data on the health of your franchise system.

In partnership with global survey leader Franchise Business Review, we utilize our industry-leading survey platform to collect honest, actionable feedback from franchise owners to benchmark franchisee satisfaction and engagement compared to other franchise organizations, provide operational insights on the current state of the franchisee network, and identify growth opportunities.

BDC Partners franchise satisfaction surveys
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Benefits of Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys. ​

  • Actionable data on franchisee satisfaction and performance across the franchisee network
  • Better understanding of issues and challenges from the franchisee perspective
  • Clearly defined satisfaction/engagement KPIs with industry benchmark comparisons
  • Stronger relationships between franchisees and corporate office
  • Increased franchisee satisfaction, engagement, and performance
  • Improved franchisee validation to assist with franchise development and sales
  • Stronger future valuation of the company based on higher overall satisfaction and engagement
  • Access to global experts in franchising

Interactive Reporting Platform and Actionable Insights.

We provide interactive, real-time performance analysis to help your team get the most out of your survey results and franchisees’ feedback.

Our surveys and easy-to-use cloud-based analytics tool allow you to:

  • Get real-time access to your franchisee data and feedback.
  • Quickly identify the areas where your system is thriving and where you need to take action.
  • Compare and benchmark your brand against your specific industry or against all of franchising.
  • Create custom reports in seconds
  • Invite candidates to see how your franchisees validate your network before sharing your disclosure documents

Interactive Dashboard

BDC Partners Performance Features the FBR Dashboard

Isolated Survey Questions

BDC Partners performance FBR scorecard

Brand Scorecard

BDC Partners performance FBR Survey Results

It's Quick and Easy To Get Started

1. Survey

Send us your franchisee contact list and we’ll do the rest. Franchisee satisfaction surveys can be launched within 48 hours and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

2. Report

When the survey is complete, we’ll provide you with a suite of reports that will give you a comprehensive view of the strengths and weaknesses of your system. In addition, you get complete access to your data via our interactive online tool so you can create your own custom analysis of the results.

3. Improve

We will present your detailed data and benchmarking information to your senior leaders and assist you to make smart, effective system improvements and measure success. 

You’ll know exactly where to make changes in order to:

  • Boost performance at the individual unit level
  • Improve operations to drive ROI
  • Award more franchises to the right candidates

Ready to Incorporate a Data-Driven Approach?

Brands Using the Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys

Global Franchising Expertise.

John Cooksey-CEO of BDC Talent acquisition, employee performance and recruitment
John Cooksey

CEO BDC Performance

John is the CEO of BDC Performance, a division of BDC Partners, a multi-disciplinary advisory firm that helps franchisors and retailers to grow successful businesses. 

A highly consultative executive, John has partnered with leaders in emerging businesses and multi-national organisations across talent assessment and development, employee and franchisee engagement, human resources and stakeholder engagement, in Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

His specific industry experience includes franchising (Franchise Relationships Institute, KFC/Pizza Hut, CML Group), professional services consulting (CML Group, Drake International, Gartner Consulting, The Leading Edge) and performance psychology (Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sportswise).

A registered psychologist and accredited Mental Toughness coach, John has lectured in Human Resource Planning and Sports & Performance Psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, APM College of Business, Sydney University, NSW Institute of Sport, Fitness Institute of Australia and the Conservatorium of Music.
A certified Advisor with the Advisory Board Centre, John provides business guidance and systems to ensure clients achieve individual and organisational excellence.

Michelle Rowan

President and COO FBR

Michelle is the President and COO of the Franchise Business Review situated in America.

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