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Franchise Recruitment Done Right Grows Your Franchise Quicker.

Franchise Recruitment is no longer about picking up the phone, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. When it comes to your Franchise Recruitment strategy, we’re interested in quality over quantity.

With profiling technology and extensive franchisor experience under our belt, we’ve developed a process that is second-to-none in the sector.



  • Standards & benchmark franchisee profiling from current network
  • Development of lookalike audiences from successful franchise partners


  • Franchise lead generation from lookalike successful franchise partners
  • Vetting phone call; brand alignment, background and available finance
  • Applications, profiling & compatibility
  • Panel Interview
  • Full disclosure
  • Finance options

BDC franchise recruitment

Get to know us

David Lindsay
CEO BDC Franchise Recruitment

Founder and former owner of Salts of the Earth, David has extensive experience in start-up, franchise development, recruitment, and growth. With over 10 years as a CEO, David is well-acquainted with the day-to-day challenges of developing and running a business. David was the winner of the 2016 NextGen in Franchising in Australia and runner-up in the Global 2017 NextGen in Franchising. At BDC Partners, he works tirelessly with franchisors to relieve their headaches and help them grow personally and professionally.

Taylor Parkes-Franchise Recruitment, BDC Partners
Taylor Parkes
Franchise Sales Recruitment Consultant

With over a decade of sales expertise under her belt, Taylor brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Franchise Sales and Recruitment Consultant. Her journey began in the dynamic world of franchising, where she honed her sales acumen at Anytime Fitness.

Taylor’s career trajectory then took her into the realm of family business management, where she not only showcased her sales prowess but also nurtured her exceptional relationship-building skills. Her versatility shone through as she ventured into the events industry, successfully selling across various venues and making a mark at exhibition shows.

Lisa Cuthbertson
Franchise Lead Generation

Lisa has a broad knowledge of both B2C and B2B marketing. Most recently she has worked in the SAAS space, for a company specialising in Location Intelligence and Fuel pricing software and traffic data.

This experience has allowed Lisa to work amongst a global team preparing marketing campaigns for the B2B audience.

Her knowledge of the franchise space continues to grow as she works with each of our brands. She has successfully grown the lead generation side of the business. 

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