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Franchise Experts Who Have Been in Your Shoes.

Whether you have 2 or 50 stores, there is always value in stepping back and reviewing the bigger picture of your system. We offer a unique Franchise Mentoring Program to help busy franchisors do exactly that. 

Delivered by our small team of franchise experts, our Franchise Mentoring Program is a fully integrated solution for franchisors, providing the advice and information necessary to improve the health of their entire franchise network and drive growth for the business.

This whole process is tailored to your franchise’s specific stage of growth: Emerging, Evolving or Established.

Franchise Mentoring Program: Key Pillars

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with franchisors and their franchisees, our program centres on 5 Key Pillars.

Franchise Mentoring Program:
What will you walk away with?

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Tanya Robertson

CEO Franchise Development

Having worked across multiple industries and leadership roles, there is no one else more suited to support and empower business owners than Tanya. Her franchising expertise has come from over 25 years of managing high performing teams within Australia’s biggest franchise and retail brands. Her experienced voice and mentoring capability benefit businesses of all sizes, from those at the start of the franchising journey to the established franchisors keen to refresh their systems.

David Lindsay

Experienced Franchisor

Founder and former owner of Salts of the Earth, David has extensive experience in start-up, franchise development and growth. With over 10 years as a CEO, David is well-acquainted with the day-to-day challenges of developing and running a business. David was the winner of the 2016 NextGen in Franchising in Australia and runner-up in the Global 2017 NextGen in Franchising. At BDC Partners, he works tirelessly with franchisors to relieve their headaches and help them grow personally and professionally.

Jon Sully CEO BDC Partners Retail Property Specialist
Jon Sully

Experienced Franchisor

As a former co-owner of the wildly successful retail food chain, Michel’s Patisserie, Jon has unique experience from all sides of the retail and franchising industries. Having “been there, done that”, Jon is keenly aware of the pitfalls that impact business owners, and he’s never afraid to tell it like it is. With over 30 years of experience, Jon has a well-earned reputation for helping Aussie retailers and franchisors “get shit done”.

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