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We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We tailor our lead generation strategies to fit your specific franchise’s needs and goals, focusing on Franchise Lead Generation and Franchise Recruitment. Whether you’re a new brand or an established one, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to supercharge your franchise growth and recruitment efforts?

Look no further, our expert team is here to transform your franchise business through powerful lead generation strategies, from paid advertising to email nurtures and brand building.  

We are here to help you build your franchise into an empire, we only win when you win! 

Why Your Lead Generation is Failing.

Are you attacking your franchise lead generation in the exact same way as your B2C campaigns, and failing to understand why it’s not working? 

B2C and B2B are not the same. Below is a list of all the reasons your franchise lead generation could be failing:

  • No clearly defined franchise development strategy (keywords, locations, persona’s etc)
  • No B2B brand awareness campaigns to drum up brand interest where its lacking
  • Not understanding franchisee acquisition cost to calculate marketing spend budget
  • Marketing too broadly, not focused and aligned with a development strategy
  • Web site and marketing collateral is B2C, not B2B and lacks information
  • No collateral testing or A/B testing
  • Not aligning marketing KPI’s with sales KPI’s


If you find yourself looking at this list taking notes, schedule a meeting to learn how we can help you improve the quality of your franchise leads. 

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B2B Brand.

Our team will work with you to develop your B2B brand by focusing on Franchise Lead Generation and Franchise Recruitment. From developing your B2B persona, to improving your landing page and your information pack.

Your B2B brand is essential to your franchise success, and it is one that many B2C brands fall short on. Let’s assess your brand, do you:

  • Use the same imagery and tone of voice across your B2C and franchise recruitment landing pages?

  • Is your franchise recruitment landing page actually speaking about your franchise opportunity, or are you receiving irrelevant  enquiries?

  • Would you buy your business from the information provided in your franchise pack? 

  • Do you understand who your target audience is?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, get in touch to receive an analysis on how you can build your B2B brand better. 

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We assess the best paid avenue stream for your franchise through extensive research. Creating, monitoring and optimising your lead generation ads daily from copy to creative.

Each platform has a different outcome, let’s understand each of these further. 

Meta ads: A brand building exercise, you are more than likely targeting cold potential leads.  Let’s put the idea in their head. 

Google ads: Intent based, your lead is warm and searching for similar fields or keywords that are relevant to owning a franchise in your space. 

LinkedIn: Targeting those who are already in your industry, they have an interest in your space already. 

Hattch: Looking for a franchise that matches their profile, advertising on Hattch allows you to find warm leads, those who are already seeking a franchise but they don’t particularly know why they should choose you. 

Email Nurtures.

Not everyone who lands on your franchise landing page will be ready to pull the trigger.  Educating them allows them to remain warm, and ultimately convert the lead when they are ready.  

Our email nurtures allow for leads at different stages of the marketing funnel to receive relevant information about your business.   

Info Pack Enquiry: Leads who are lukewarm, they want to learn more about the brand without enquiring to own a franchise.  

Main Enquiry: Enquiring to learn more about owning a franchise and looking to speak with the sales representative. 

Nurture: The lead enters a lengthy nurture allowing them to learn about your brand, hear from your franchisees and reconnect with the sales team at any point. 

Closed Lost: The lead enters closed lost after no action in the nurture journey.  We reach back out quarterly with business updates.  You’d be surprised how many people become ready after an amount of time. 

Database emails: Email your B2C database quarterly. Most of your franchisees will already be a customer of your brand – take advantage of this. 

We can create the nurture in our CRM for you or if you already have a CRM we can build the nurture into it! 

Ready to see how we can grow your lead numbers?

Why Us?

We have a history of success in fuelling franchise growth, from personal franchise growth to helping our clients continue their growth story. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who’ve seen their franchises thrive.

We’re not just about generating any leads; we’re about generating quality leads. Our focus is to deliver prospective franchisees who are genuinely interested and well-qualified. 

Our team have the ability to implement the lead nurture into your CRM where you can continue the growth of your brand in house.  

We can also grow it in our system if you don’t have a CRM capable of doing so. 

Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges and opportunities within franchise recruitment. We have a proven track record of connecting franchisors with the ideal candidates.

Brands we've worked with

Franchise Recruitment Team

Get to know us

David Lindsay

CEO Franchise Recruitment

Founder and former owner of Salts of the Earth, David has extensive experience in start-up, franchise development, recruitment, and growth. With over 10 years as a CEO, David is well-acquainted with the day-to-day challenges of developing and running a business. David was the winner of the 2016 NextGen in Franchising in Australia and runner-up in the Global 2017 NextGen in Franchising. At BDC Partners, he works tirelessly with franchisors to relieve their headaches and help them grow personally and professionally.

Taylor Parkes-Franchise Recruitment, BDC Partners
Taylor Parkes

Franchise Recruitment Sales Consultant

With over a decade of sales expertise under her belt, Taylor brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Franchise Sales and Recruitment Consultant. Her journey began in the dynamic world of franchising, where she honed her sales acumen at Anytime Fitness.

Taylor’s career trajectory then took her into the realm of family business management, where she not only showcased her sales prowess but also nurtured her exceptional relationship-building skills. Her versatility shone through as she ventured into the events industry, successfully selling across various venues and making a mark at exhibition shows.

Lisa Cuthbertson franchise recruitment - franchise lead generation
Lisa Cuthbertson

Franchise Lead Generation

Lisa has a broad knowledge of both B2C and B2B marketing. Most recently she has worked in the SAAS space, for a company specialising in Location Intelligence and Fuel pricing software and traffic data.

This experience has allowed Lisa to work amongst a global team preparing marketing campaigns for the B2B audience.

Her knowledge of the franchise space continues to grow as she works with each of our brands. She has successfully grown the lead generation side of the business. 

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