Do You Have The Correct Onboarding For Your Franchisees?

Do you have your ducks in a row?

When it comes to onboarding, “it could be better” seems to be the winning phrase from franchisors we’ve connected with.

As a process that sets the stage for the franchisor-franchisee relationship from the get-go, we think onboarding deserves a bit more love. 

So, we’ve put together some questions to get you thinking about your own system:

How often do you review your onboarding process?

If it hasn’t been reviewed in some time, this is your sign! We often see franchisors put a one-size-fits-all system in place, but keeping the training fluid enough to customise it to the individual coming on board will allow you both to get the most value out of it. 

Continually reviewing the system (we recommend yearly, at a minimum) is also helpful in terms of finance. The banks love to see how you will support your franchisees, so a regularly updated and effective induction process is the perfect example. 

What is your recruitment process?

Recruitment and onboarding are intrinsically linked. If you haven’t got the former right, it’s highly likely you will face challenges in the next stage. 

Ticking all the boxes for quality franchise recruitment will allow you to have the full picture of your onboarding partner before they even begin. Then, you can tailor your process with their past experience and pain points in mind. Not to mention, gathering profiling data during recruitment will ensure you don’t have to wait until training time to assess whether someone is a good cultural fit for your business.

Do your onboarding partners get hands-on experience?

It’s very hard to determine if your onboarding franchise partner will do well if you don’t put them into the work environment during training. 

Sure, a big part of the onboarding process is the documentation, handbooks, manuals, etc., but the importance of a practical component cannot be overstated. If possible, get them into an existing site to learn alongside one of your franchise partners. 

This person will become the face of your brand, so seeing them comfortable and confident in this environment is a big green flag in our books. 

How often will you meet during the first year?

As you most likely know, the first year with a new partner is a critical year… Our advice? Don’t wait until the end of that year to review how it’s going. 

Pencil in a consistent meeting time with your new partner, and make sure it’s away from their busy day-to-day (i.e. in the middle of serving customers). This will ensure you are addressing problems BEFORE they get out of hand – particularly cash flow issues, which are common in the first year.

Every franchise system faces different challenges, depending on the industry, stage of growth, level of support, etc. This is why our franchise development experts tailor the process to you – helping you avoid the headaches & achieve sustainable business growth. 

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