What's the difference between a good retail location and a great one?

It’s about the right business, with the right strategy, having the right intel, to find the right location with the right customers. And getting it done in a timely and efficient manner.

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Retail Property Team

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Vaughn McGuinness Managing Director/Founder BDC Property Partners
Vaughn McGuinness
Managing Director
Jon Sully CEO BDC Partners Australia’s Leading Retail Property Partner
Jon Sully
Keith Doyle CEO BDC Property Partners
Keith Doyle
Chief Executive Officer | Partner
Devrim Todd Managing Director Finance BDC Property Partners
Devrim Todd
Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Piggins-Regional Manager-QLD, VIC, NSW
Rebecca Piggins
State Manager QLD
Jacqueline Mance-Senior Leasing Executive
Jacqui Mance
Senior Leasing Executive
Cameron Wallace
State Manager VIC
Lee Rubino
State Manager NSW
Stefania Montesano-Head of Projects & Implementation
Stefania Montesano
Projects & Implementation
Nadine Coleman-Executive Assistant
Nadine Coleman
Executive Assistant
Cara Dennis-Executive Assistant
Cara Dennis
Executive Assistant
Katrina O’Carroll-Project Coordinator
Katrina O'Carroll
Project Coordinator
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