BDC Partners Welcomes RetailCare to The Collective


BDC Partners is thrilled to introduce RetailCare as your newest growth partner, joining our suite of businesses as a key member of our Collective. We firmly believe that success depends on fostering connections and networking effectively. That’s why our extended network comprises a diverse range of businesses.

We are excited to be able to introduce RetailCare to our current client portfolio and watch them continue to build on current and future BDC clients.

Who are RetailCare?

RetailCare is a global provider of innovative technology solutions for the retail and hospitality sector, designed exclusively for you. A company headquartered in Melbourne with a presence expanding through the globe, RetailCare understands your unique needs of businesses and is here to empower your growth and success.

RetailCare has specific service verticals that allows them to cater to your industry requirements with precision. We specialize in POS Solutions, digital solutions, innovative technology, and support services, which they’ve crafted to align seamlessly with your business goals.

As a dedicated partner, RetailCare brings wide experience to the table. They’re accredited in many software and hardware platforms, and they’ve developed strategic partnerships with leading technology providers in the industry. This enables them to offer an extensive range of products and services that are designed to maximize your potential and streamline your business processes.

Learn about their wide range of solutions that fulfil the expectations of the highly competitive market. RetailCare makes sure that your specific needs are met by offering up-to-date POS systems and people counters to e-commerce services, IT systems support, growth consultation, electronic shelf labels (ESLs), cloud solutions, SEO, and payment solutions.

With their unique POS Store, you can have access to the latest hardware technology while keeping your company at the forefront of innovation. Their client-centric strategy is based on a thorough grasp of your needs. Their staff, which includes network service engineers, web developers, and POS solution specialists, has over 35 years of collective industry expertise so they can provide unmatched expertise to every project.

The foundation for RetailCare’s commitment to offering a superior client experience is exceptional value. Their support and services are tailored to make sure that your business receives the best care and attention possible at every stage. Their competitively priced services ensure the highest value for your investment, no matter where you live.

Beyond the initial setup, they provide worldwide support. You can take advantage of their training, on-site services, and round-the-clock after-sales support throughout retail hours. Join them on this remarkable journey where innovation meets dedication, and your business thrives with Your Growth Partner.

For more information about Retailcare and its offerings click here.

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