BDC Partners Welcomes Benjamin & Benjamin to the BDC Collective

BDC Partners collective Benjamin & Benjamin insurance group

BDC Partners is thrilled to introduce Benjamin & Benjamin insurance broker into our suite of businesses as a key member of our Collective. We firmly believe that success depends on fostering connections and networking effectively. That’s why our extended network comprises a diverse range of businesses.

We are excited to be able to introduce Benjamin & Benjamin to our current client portfolio and watch them continue to build on current and future BDC clients.

Who are Benjamin & Benjamin?

Benjamin & Benjamin Insurance Group (Benjamin & Benjamin) is a multi-generation, boutique insurance broker whose origins date back over 100 years. In fact, the Benjamin family established the first Lloyds brokerage in Australia.

They recognise that few people like purchasing insurance or have the technical expertise to understand what’s included within their insurance policy. For those responsible for organising the business insurance program, it can be difficult to know if you have the correct insurance policies, with the correct level of cover in each section of your policies, from the right insurer at the best possible premium.

Their focus is to understand the business needs of the insured, so the owners sleep better at night because they are not over or under-insured, but they have the right insurance for their business. After all, if they don’t know you, they can’t insure you.

Benjamin & Benjamin spend time learning about your business by leveraging their experience and expertise as a third-generation Insurance Broker, and by calling on many strong relationships with Insurers, both local and overseas.

They represent their clients, not the insurer. They fight for you to get the best outcome for both premiums as well as any claims. They specialise in presenting insurance information to their clients in plain English, specific to their business and industry type.

Through spending the necessary time to get to know your business and working with the appropriate insurers, Benjamin & Benjamin provide comprehensive insurance advice, implement their client’s specific & agreed insurance program, manage insurance changes throughout the policy period, manage their claims and, above all, make navigating their insurance requirements easier for them.

While Benjamin & Benjamin supports all business types and industries, they do offer specialisation in the areas of Property/Construction, Manufacturing, Marine/Transit, Warehousing/Logistics, Legal, Accounting and Franchising as well as Medical/Pharmaceutical. They are a supporter of several industry associations including the Franchise Council of Australia, the Victorian Transport Association, the Fire Protection Association, Lighting Council Australia and the Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association of Australia. With offices across Australia and New Zealand, they support clients who have needs beyond Australia.

They like to think of their clients as partners, seeking ways to help identify value in areas other than insurance. If the business owner is facing challenges in other areas of the business, they are happy to provide introductions to others they know who may be able to assist.

Benjamin & Benjamin are happy to review existing insurance programs and provide honest feedback to the business owner as to any possible areas for improvement and/or any gaps in your current cover you may not be aware of, get in touch today.

For more information about Benjamin & Benjamin, view their corporate video here.

Find out more about the BDC Collective, or find out who else we work alongside here.

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