BDC Executive Group September 2023

BDC Partners Executive Group meeting

The importance of a strong and consistent onboarding process

This month’s Executive Group was led by Jon Sully as we discussed the importance of having a robust
onboarding process ensures that franchisees understand and adhere to the company’s brand
standards, maintaining consistency of the customer experience. It is also essential for our field teams
as it ensures that your teams have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to excel in their roles. It
sets the foundation for effective leadership and operational excellence in the field.

It was a great session where we shared our experiences and learned from others, some of the key
considerations in assessing your onboarding program were:

Knowledge Transfer: A structured onboarding process helps in transferring this knowledge
efficiently, reducing the learning curve and ensuring franchisees are well-prepared to run their
businesses effectively.

Compliance and Legal Requirements: A strong onboarding process ensures that franchisees
understand their obligations, and relevant legal and compliance obligations, reducing the risk of
legal issues down the line.

Operational Efficiency: This will lead to better overall performance, improved customer satisfaction,
and higher profitability for both the franchisor and franchisee.

Relationship Building: Strong onboarding processes often include ongoing support mechanisms. This
support can help franchisees navigate challenges, seek assistance when needed, and build a positive
relationship with the franchisor. A good relationship between franchisor and franchisee can
contribute to long-term success.

Adaptation to Changes: Businesses evolve over time, never more so than the last couple of years,
which means franchisors will introduce new products, services, technologies, or marketing
strategies. A robust onboarding process can help franchisees adapt to these changes smoothly,
keeping the business competitive.

Reputation Management: Well-trained and well-supported franchisees are more likely to provide
excellent service and uphold the brand’s reputation.

Long-Term Success: Ultimately, a strong onboarding process sets franchisees and your teams up for
long-term success. When your people are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and support they
need, they are more likely to thrive, leading to a stronger franchise system as a whole.

In summary, a strong onboarding process for franchisees is crucial for ensuring consistency,
compliance, efficiency, risk mitigation, and long-term success within a franchise system. It is an
investment that benefits both franchisors, franchisees and our teams fostering a mutually beneficial
and sustainable business relationship

Our next Executive Group breakfast on the 21st of November will discuss key areas to consider when
setting up your brand for success in 2024. We will share strategies and tactics to ensure we start the
year focused on what’s important for the growth and success of ourselves and our businesses.

Contact Tanya Robertson, CEO Strategy at BDC Partners to learn more about our Executive Group.

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