BDC Executive Group May 2023


This week we hosted our Executive Group, where leaders of growing and developing franchises, got together and discussed the science of Psychometric Assessment and how we can use these assessments to build teams and create strong Franchise businesses.

Led by John Cooksey, CEO BDC Performance, the breakfast session took us through understanding our leadership styles which gave us insights into how to adjust to meet the needs of our franchisees and our teams. As leaders of our organisations, we recognise the need to be proactive and adaptable leaders.

As a group, we leant into four key areas:

– Culture (self awareness, self management, motivation) 
– Core Business Competencies
– Emotional Intelligence
– Social Intelligence (leadership, social awareness, relationship management)

It was a great session where we gained a better understanding of how Psychometric Assessment can be integrated into business models to better understand the franchises and your teams. Taking time out to understand our own work styles and how we influence and impact our teams and our Franchisees is essential to success, a long with sharing personal insights and hearing from others in similar situations.

In the next Executive Group breakfast we will delve into the legal obligations of Franchising, and what we need to understand as franchisors in the ever-changing landscape.

This will be led by Kristie Piniuta, Managing Director of BDC Law and former Director of Small Business and Industry Codes ACCC.

Why become a member of the Executive Group?

If you are a Growing Franchisor or a Rising Leader of a franchise system, you will learn from the combined experience of other Franchise leaders who are confronting the same challenges you face. Learn the benefits of developing relationships that will last throughout and beyond your career. We’ll discuss practical ways to help you build on your success.

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