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The greatest challenge in franchise recruitment is choosing the right franchise partners.  After working in the franchise industry for over 20 years and Recruiting franchise partners for several brands, the most common challenge has been finding the right franchise partners to join your brand. So, how do we select the right franchise partners, partners who have the funds and the right values to be a part of your brand? How do we avoid recruiting the wrong franchise partners when we are so keen to grow but the person is not right? The answer is Zorakle

When BDC Franchise Recruitment started, our primary focus was to stand out in the market by making it our number 1 priority to sell to the right franchise partners.  We didn’t want to be seen as another broker or sell franchises for the sake of making a sale, we wanted to do it right every time.  It was at this point that we found Zorakle, a profiling tool out of the US that had worked with over 250 franchise brands in franchise partner profiling. This tool is like no other in the market because the profile piece covers off the franchisee and franchisor match. 

So how does Zorakle work?  

First, we profile the Franchisor, this is done by a 1.5-hour assessment piece, we assess the leadership team and then their existing franchise partners to create a blueprint of the brand.  Once the blue print is complete we can confidently profile a potential franchise partner against the actual brand.  This gives both the brand and the potential Franchise partner the confidence to be matched to the brand values rather than just assessing the applicant.  We pride ourselves on not moving a potential applicant through the recruitment system unless they are an 85% brand match. 

But what is Zorakle? And how can it accurately choose the right franchisee for your brand? 

Zorakle Profile is an American-based software company that uses a meta-analysis methodology which integrates seven statistically validated sciences and specific scoring methods to provide greater accuracy in predicting your business success than companies using single science or single scoring methods.  Their SpotOn! science determines compatibility and predicts performance of the potential franchisee. (This basically means, that using past data they can help build profiles of those who are the right types of people for a successful business).  

One of the key benefits of Zorakle is its dynamic, multi-dimensional assessments. These assessments provide a degree of accuracy that is not possible with traditional assessments, allowing franchisors to find the best possible candidates for their brand.  

In addition to Franchise Recruitment Zorakle also helps reduce recruitment and support costs while increasing franchisee validation and performance. With faster ramp-up times and better-quality franchisees, Zorakle is an essential tool for any franchisor looking to grow their business. 

Zorakle is also incredibly easy to use. Its platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for franchisors to get started with the software right away.  

Looking to grow your brand? Find out more about BDC Recruitments process and the success of Zorakle here

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